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New standards to drive U.S.
sustainability-linked lending - Reuters

Failed Alzheimer's trial leaves families
and patients heartbroken - CNBC

Apple's Hollywood moment draws intense
interest and skepticism - LA Times

Its Territory May Be Gone, but the U.S. Fight
Against ISIS Is Far From Over - NY Times

Chick-fil-A Banned From Texas Airport Over
Their Anti-LGBTQ History and CEO - Law & Crime

Stocks Indexes Drop As Bond Market
Flashes Recession Warning - NPR

US disaster relief agency exposed
private data of 2.3m survivors - BBC

ISIS has lost its final stronghold in Syria, the
Syrian Democratic Forces says - CNN

U.S. Posts Largest-Ever Monthly Budget
Deficit in February - Bloomberg

Sydney Aiello, a Parkland school shooting
survivor, kills herself - NBC News

Rising insulin prices cause diabetics
to go to extremes - USA Today

Tough times in farm country - Axios

US military says 2 American soldiers
killed in Afghanistan - USA Today

The inside story of how John Roberts
negotiated to save Obamacare - CNN

Flooding that's been tormenting Midwest will only
get worse this spring, forecasters warn - NBC News

2020 Dems avoid this year's
AIPAC conference - TheHill

New Jersey lawmakers want schools to
stop teaching ‘Huckleberry Finn’ - Politico

Lion Air & Ethiopian jets lacked safety features
b/c Boeing charged extra for them - Business Insider

Donna Brazile Explains Why She’s Working
for Fox News - The New Yorker

U.S. whiskey exports dry
up as tariffs bite - Reuters

New Zealand bans ‘military-style’
guns after mosque attacks - AP

Jury: Roundup contributed
to man's cancer - CBS News

FDA Approves the First Drug for
Postpartum Depression - Time

Dems alter how they run campaigns to prove
liberal values, dodge hypocrisy claims - NBC News

Mozambique Cyclone Rescuers Struggle to
Reach Victims in ‘Inland Ocean’ - NY Times

Gorsuch Provides Decisive 5th Vote In Case
Interpreting Treaty With Indian Tribe - NPR

Admissions scandal reveals 'aristocracy
masquerading as a meritocracy' - CNN

Supreme Court set for case on
racial bias in jury selection - AP

Record high US temperatures outpace record
lows two to one, study finds - The Guardian

Nunes says $250M lawsuit against Twitter
is ‘the first of many’ - Fox News

Cory Booker calls for term limits
on the Supreme Court - MSNBC

PM Ardern vows tough new gun laws
after New Zealand shootings - Reuters

To curb traffic, cities explore congestion
pricing during peak hours - NBC News

Daily Aspirin No Longer Recommended
to Prevent Heart Attacks - Newsmax

Suspect in New Zealand massacre bought
rifles online: report - The Hill

Dick Dale, "The King of the Surf Guitar,”
has died at age 83 - CBS News

Seoul official: North Korea could be
dismantling rocket launch pad - UPI

WSJ: Transportation Department investigating
FAA's approval of Boeing 737 Max - CNN

Why Millennials Aren’t Buying
Cars, Homes - USA Today

Saudi Crown Prince’s Brutal Drive to Crush
Dissenters Began Before Khashoggi - NY Times

Two lives lost as Nebraska struggles with
state's worst flooding in 50 years - CNN

Nat Kind Cole at 100: His Music, Life and
Legacy Remembered - Newsweek

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro pulled off air after
network condemnation - ABC News

Parisians clean up after more weekend
rioting on Champs Elysees - Reuters

Sinn Féin criticised for 'England get
out of Ireland' banner - BBC News

Apple Watch may spot heart problem
but more research needed - AP

‘Not one woman got that kind of coverage’:
Beto backlash begins - Politico

How the FAA allows jetmakers to ‘self certify’ planes
meet U.S. safety requirements - Wash. Post

Live video of New Zealand shooting
puts tech on defensive - The Hill

Joe Montana Denies Wrongdoing in
FBI's College Bribery Probe - CNN

California drought ends after more than 7 years,
but dry conditions will return - USA Today

Are eggs bad for your heart? Experts
weigh new findings - CBS News

The Climate Strike Movement Has
Officially Gone Global - Gizmodo

Boeing Promised Pilots a 737 Software Fix Last
Year, but They’re Still Waiting - NY Times

Rescinded admissions, a class-action suit: Fallout
from college scandal spreads - Wash. Post

Report: Facebook data deals under
criminal investigation - AP

The Bull Market’s 10th Birthday Features Plenty
of Clouds on the Horizon - Bloomberg

Johnson & Johnson must pay $29 million in baby
powder cancer case, jury says - NBC News

Beto O'Rourke announces he's running
for president in 2020 - CNN

Francesco Cali, Reputed Gambino Crime Boss, Is
Shot and Killed on Staten Island - NY Times

U.S. solar installations to rebound in
2019 as prices plummet - Reuters

U.S. News Ranks 2020 Best
Graduate Schools - U.S. News

Bomb cyclone breaks records, brings blizzard
conditions to the Plains - Axios

Several advertisers cut ties to Fox News
shows hosted by Pirro, Carlson - The Hill

Cheat. Bribe. Lie. Here's how the college
admissions scam allegedly worked - CNN

Philippines president Duterte calls women ‘bitches’ at gender equality event - The Independent

More Boeings grounded amid global
probe into Ethiopia crash - AP

Google paid former exec $35 million after
harassment claim - NBC News

Over 24 And Thinking About College?
You're Not Alone - NPR

2019 college basketball conference
tournament schedule - USA Today

Global Economy Hits Its Weakest Spell
Since Financial Crisis - Bloomberg

Olive oil could help keep stroke at
bay for obese Americans - UPI

Boeing Faces Questions About Its New 737
Max Jets After Ethiopia Crash - NY Times

High taxes be damned, the rich keep
moving to California - LA Times

Murder Charge Dropped Against Accused
Killer Of Kim Jong Un's Half-Brother -NPR

Critical condition: The crisis of
rural medical care - CBS News

2,000 Migrants Quarantined in U.S. Detention
Centers Due to Disease Outbreaks - Newsmax

What Facebook’s ‘privacy vision’ really means - AP

2 Billion Unencrypted Records Leaked
In Marketing Data Breach - Forbes

Illegal border crossings from Canada
quietly rising, data shows -NBC News

United States citizens will need a visa
to visit Europe starting in 2021 - CNN

Activity At 2nd North Korean Missile Site Indicates
Possible Launch Preparations - NPR

IRS Looks for Ways to Squelch New York,
Connecticut SALT Workarounds - Bloomberg

Venezuela power cuts: Blackouts
continue as protests loom - BBC

House ethics bill would require Supreme Court
to adopt code of conduct - ABC News

Pedestrian Deaths in U.S. Approach Highest Number
in Nearly 30 Years, Study Shows - NY Times

Unvaccinated Boy First Oregeon Tetanus
Case In 30 Years - Newsweek

Jimmy Carter offering to travel to
North Korea, report says - UPI

International Women's Day 2019: History,
theme and importance - NBC News

The red-hot labor market's glaring flaw - Axios

House overwhelmingly passes broad measure
condemning hate - The Washington Post

Catholic school refused to admit child
of a same-sex couple - CBS News

Racist online abuse of Meghan Markle
puts royal staff on high alert - CNN

Bernie Sanders defends Rep. Ilhan Omar, backs
'legitimate criticism' of Israel - Fox News

‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek says he has
advanced pancreatic cancer - Boston Globe

Sen. McSally says she was raped
in the military - Reuters

North Korea rebuilds rocket launch site after
summit, satellite images show - USA Today

What You Need to Know About Strokes
After Luke Perry's Death - Newsmax

A Tornado Warning Gave Alabamians 12 Minutes
to Prepare. 23 People Died Anyway. - NY Times

Venezuela crisis: Maduro vows to
defeat 'crazed minority' - BBC

Drugs, sex and alcohol are losing their
appeal for American teens - Axios

GOP senators vent frustration after
Khashoggi briefing - The Hill

Coal ash contaminating ground water near
91 percent of U.S. plants - UPI

House Dems will take floor action to confront
Omar’s latest Israel comments - Politico

Widening Russia Money Laundering Scandal
Hits European Banks - Bloomberg

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Backlash Begins - CNN

‘It’s Pure Hell’: Hurricane Michael
Leaves Housing Crisis - AP

Some of America's Biggest Companies Paid Little
to No Federal Income Tax in 2018 - CBS News

Netflix Defends Itself in Wake of Steven Spielberg's
Proposed Oscars Ban - NBC News

Ex-Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper
Runs for President - BBC

At Least 23 Dead in Devastating Alabama
Tornado, Damage ‘Unbelievable' - Fox News

The Neo-Nazi Plot Against America Is Much
Bigger Than We Realize - The Guardian

Fentanyl Bust in New York Finds Enough
to Kill Nearly 2 Million People - CNN

HBO Film Revives Lurid Claims, Imperiling
Thriving Michael Jackson Estate - NY Times

Guaido Nears Return to Venezuela With
Potential Arrest Looming - Bloomberg

Amazon Reportedly Planning All-New Grocery Chain
Separate from Whole Foods - Digital Trends

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